Sometimes I’m blonde, sometimes I’m some other color…

Hi. Howarya?  🙂

My name is Jaime Shafer and thank you for visiting my studio and taking the time to learn a little about me.

My LinkedIn profile says that I’m an artistic nerd with a personality, and I think that describes me well. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved making things. I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, painting and experimenting with every craft supply known to mankind a little after that, and seriously playing with yarn and fiber since the early 90’s. My mom was a knitter and crocheter and I was always fascinated to watch her make things. She encouraged me to do something other than “old lady stuff” when I was a kid, but now that I’m officially an old lady, I’m going for it! (laughs)

(I told you I had a personality. I didn’t say what kind of personality I have.)

I started knitting after I graduated high school (I can measure it in decades, not years any more) . I love color work (love, love, love color!) and circular knitting (no seams and socks are the best things ever!). One of my early projects was a Norwegian ski sweater because I was fascinated by the construction. I still have one of them, and I love it.

I picked up spinning (and kind of dyeing) shortly after learning how to knit (late 90’s for reference). My first spinning attempts weren’t great, but the experiences were awful. It felt like so much work! Fast forward to the Tour de Fleece 2017, and I’m carding fiber, making my own self-striping yarn, and spinning lace to sport weight yarn like a boss!

Not that long ago I picked up weaving (2010’ish maybe). I bought a rigid heddle loom (Loomikins!) and once I got past the warping thing, it became a lot of fun. I’m really fascinated by the self-striping yarns and how they react when woven (the colors are so, so, so pretty) and the fact that you can really use up those 6 inch bits of yarn you didn’t know what to do with.

Within the last year (2016-17’ish), I’ve been learning crochet. I’ve always loved my mother’s work (she could crank out a gorgeous afghan in a week!) but never cared for the texture or look of crochet until Ravelry. I saw some really beautiful mandala work and decided that’s where I wanted to start. Cheap yarn and determination got me my new favorite thing!

You deserve something if you’ve made it this far. Since I can’t actually give you something, I hope my sincere thank you for reading this is enough. Thank you. 🙂