Little Bits of Fiber – Part 1

As I’ve been setting up the 40 Days of Fluffies, I’ve been thinking that maybe I should give you some ideas of what to do with them other than the obvious of collecting and petting them. 🙂

Somewhere along the line I got this little chunk of rainbow wool, and this stripey gray wool. I love both of them and I didn’t really want to blend them in with other fibers, especially the rainbow. I was afraid that was going to become a muddy color in a hurry. Each chunk was approximately 8 grams (or .28 of an ounce)…not a lot of fiber, and a quite a bit less than the average 40 Days of Fluffy size.

The inspiration for this test
I loved this little chunk of gray…glad I found a use for it!

I set out to spin as fine as I comfortably could. I wasn’t interested in making something the weight of sewing thread. This is pretty fine, and a little finer than I spin by default, but it was comfortable. As you can see in the photo, very few fibers are being drafted into the yarn.

And something I learned while doing this…it’s a lot easier to spin fine if you pre-draft your fiber before spinning. Pull it out or rip it into narrow strips before you spin it. It makes drafting so much easier and you spend far less time fighting your fiber.

There’s not a lot of fiber going in there…

The finished bobbins. It doesn’t look like much, does it? I thought it would be a quick spin, but it took me a lot longer than I thought. I was stretching that fiber out!

The two finished bobbins of approximately 8 grams each

Here’s a photo of the plying process with a quarter for scale. It does get a little plumper when you take the tension off it.

The two plies becoming one yarn

The finished yarn. Would you believe there’s a 175 yards there?! It’s feels like it’s fragile, but the yarn is quite strong and so, so soft. I just want to hold it and pet it…

The finished yarn

And for grins, the yarn on my postage scale so you can see that it’s really only 16 grams. I guess I’m still kinda amazed myself!

This is one time I liked a scale…

So now what? I mean, it’s awesome that I got 175 yards of fine yarn, but what do you do  with it? This scarf is quite lovely.  I’ve been really fascinated by miniatures and Orenburg lace for years, so this yarn would be perfect. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this yarn, but it would be fun to make it up into something for another fun demo.

Do you feel inspired? Post your ideas below!