Hand Woven Scarf – Can’t Make Up My Mind


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I call this scarf the “I Can’t Make Up My Mind Scarf” because I couldn’t decide on which yarn(s) to weave with. I came up with a killer warp (the long strings that run from fringe to fringe) but I wasn’t sure what to do with the weft. I had some short bits of yarn left over from warping, so I tied them together and randomly came up with a ball of yarn. It just so worked out that I was able to use a length of each color in the warp so I know what it all looks like now! I still can’t make up my mind which sets of colors I like the most. I like them all!

The majority of the yarn was handspun/hand dyed by me. A few of the orange yarns are commercial/spun by someone else. It’s soft (not one bit itchy!), squishy, and one of my favorites. It has a great drape and it’s long, so you can wear it several different ways.

Size: Approximately 3.25″ to 3.5″ wide and approximately 63″ long (excluding fringe). The fringe makes it approximately 73″ long.

Fiber Content: Wool, mohair, sari silk

Care: Handwash cold. Lay flat to dry.


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