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Have you always wanted to create a temperature blanket or scarf, but didn’t want to deal with the calculating? This spreadsheet does all of the heavy lifting for you! After you enter the low end and increment for your color scale, all you need to do is enter the daily temperature and it will show you what color to use!

The nerd in me created this so I would have an idea of how much yarn and what the scale would look like for my area. I entered the previous year’s high temperatures into the calculator and let it count how many days (rows) of each color I would need. I live in an area (Michigan) where it can be in the teens in the winter and in the high 80s in the summer, so I had a broad range to work with.

The calculator requires Excel 2013 or newer. If you don’t have Excel, don’t worry! I’d be happy to prepare a previous year for your area for you.

The calculator also includes the pattern for the scarf shown in the photo.

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