8×10 Original Acrylic on Canvas Painting – Yellow Painting (Hope) – Series 1


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This is the original Yellow Painting (Hope). It is the fourth in a colorful four-painting series called “Surviving Suicide” created after the loss of my brother. The series is an expression of finding light (no matter how small) within times of darkness.

This painting represents how the people left behind manage to put their lives back together and continue to live. Within the blue circles is a figure. It could be interpreted to be either the survivors being free of the guilt and grief or my brother being free of the pain he was suffering. The squares represent life and how it goes on, even after a tragic event.

This acrylic painting is painted with professional grade paints on an 8″ x 10″ canvas (canvas depth is 3/4″) and sealed with a clear acrylic finish. The sides are painted to match the rest of your painting so it’s ready to hang.

It is not UV protected, so keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and discoloration.

Your painting is signed on the front. If you would like me to personalize the back, please leave a name in the notes section of your order.

**Please note: The Yay for J logo watermark will not appear on the front of your artwork. Yay for J has become Sleeping Pond Studio.


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