Robots Accessory Pouch


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These adorable 100% polyester flat pouches can be used for pretty much anything! They make excellent pencil cases and cosmetic travel bags. They are constructed from a durable outer material and a non-woven laminate lining with a zipper closure.

This is a digital piece inspired by one of my watercolors. I saw abstract  robot shapes in the original watercolor and I wanted to go for that 1950’s-60’s era impression of what robots were then.  I really love how the final bag came out. Who doesn’t love little bags?!

You have a choice of a black or white zipper.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz

Small: 8.35 in. L x 5.99 in. H, Large: 11.82 in. L x 8.35 in. H

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3-7 Days


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