The Week in Projects: August 13, 2017

It was a pretty productive week…I spun up the itty bitty rainbow batt (from this post). I spun it extra super fine, and I ended up with 280+ yards of two ply! Crazy!!!

280 yards of lace weight-y rainbow-y goodness… #laceyarn #handspun #rainbow #yarnporn #spinnersofinstagram

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Earlier in the week, I saw a post from that completely enamored me…here’s my take:

(The paper was awesome too…It’s Stonehenge from Legion Paper. I just need to finish them. Stay tuned.)

On Saturday, I got some packages from Napa Valley Fiber. (Deborah is awesome. Go check her out.)

I love it when bags of fibers show up on my doorstep. #napavalleyfibers

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I had to play with the fibers while I waited for the laundry to do its thing. I used the fiber on the right with a little lime green and whipped up 150+ yards of super yummy yarn…

Well, that escalated quickly… #instantgratificationproject #spinnersofinstagram

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And I did a little cleaning in the studio…I want to make room for new stuff! Visit my eBay store for deals unavailable anywhere else…

That’s all for now…see you in the studio next week!