The Week in Projects: October 22, 2017

It’s been kind of a crazy few weeks over in the studio. I finally got over my cold, so that meant I had to take care of all the house stuff I wasn’t able to do while I was sick (i.e. mowing, cleaning, that fun adulting stuff). That took up a lot of time, so I haven’t posted much here, but I did make some things.

On October 1st, I started working on Inktober. It’s a challenge to do an ink drawing every day for the month of October. I did it last year and had a lot of fun (you can find those drawings here). This year has been a bigger challenge to keep up, but I’m having fun with it. Water based, glitter, and metallic markers have been my favorite, along with acrylic paints and highlighters. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see them as I go, else scroll to see a sampling of what I’ve done so far…

I really love Day 1’s drawing…it was fun to do!

My first Inktober drawing of 2017. Swift.

A few days later, I made this goofy little cartoon.

This one was just kinda stupid fun. The inspiration word was “long”.

I didn’t know what to do one night, so I just started doodling. I kept drawing the flowers over and over each other with different pens and markers and got this:

I started doodling while watching TV…

Then I was playing with acrylic paint and making backgrounds, and it seemed perfect to draw on.

I did this one during my lunch break…

This one started as one of last year’s backgrounds that got the paint treatment. I love that it subtly says “first class guilt trip”. The color was enhanced with highlighters.

I did this over a few lunch breaks…

Last weekend I finally finished the weaving for Unicorn Vomit! It’s drying after its bath, then I’ll complete the finishing. I really love how it came out.

The weaving for Unicorn Vomit is done!

We even took a time out and saw Steely Dan. It was my boyfriend’s treat, and even though I’m not a Steely Dan fan, I really enjoyed the show. It was a nice night out.

Steely Dan in Grand Rapids, MI

And finally, I got the idea to try to make my own washcloths on the loom. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work out, so I used my least favorite colors to experiment.

A color experiment…

They didn’t come out too bad! I wish I had planned it better color and size wise, but at least I know more for next time.

I made washcloths!

Whew! That was kind of a whirlwind of photos and projects. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them! We’ll see what this week brings!