The Week in Projects: September 24, 2017

Well, this is starting to become a theme…still working on the Unicorn Vomit scarf/stole (that’s going well), still working on the website (chug, chug), and really wanting to start new things! I told myself I need to finish stuff before I do new stuff…

…that didn’t stop me from buying new stuff. Heh heh heh…

A few weeks ago, I signed up for Wanderlust 2018, which is a year-long art journaling class. I keep saying I’m just going to sell only fiber-related things online, but I’m starting to think that’s lies. I love all kinds of mediums and I’m super geeked about this art journaling thing. I’m not a journaler, but I’m hoping I can discipline myself to make art once a week. It sounds like fun (and it’s an excuse to buy art supplies. I love art supplies. I own glitter markers now.)

I’m in no way an affiliate, but if you sign up for Wanderlust, let me know. It’d be fun to have people to do it with/share projects with.

I also bought two pounds (I think) of pretty wools. I don’t know why I bought pastel colors, but they just wouldn’t leave me alone until I bought them. This group is full of temptation!

(Again, no affiliation…just a group I’m a member of.)

Lastly, I bought a batch of kitchen gadgets I didn’t really need. But they were on clearance, so they followed me home. 🙂 I got a food mill and an apple slicer/corer (and made my own ginger gold applesauce in a heartbeat!), a pot strainer (it looks like a weapon, but handy looking to keep pasta from landing in the sink), and a Kilner Jar Spiralizer. I’ll admit it, the packaging got me. I wanted to make pretty jars full of veggies. So after some Googling, I figured out how to do this:

Maybe I should become a food blogger?

It’s spiralized cucumber with Asian sesame dressing, sesame seeds, and chili powder (skip the chili powder…IMHO, it doesn’t belong there).

Today, I had to go buy veggies to spiralize (zucchini works much better than cucumber!) because I spent most of yesterday Googling for recipes. So I made this:

It looks kinda fancy, doesn’t it?

It’s zoodle soup! I need to figure out how to make it better (the veggies are still crunchy because it’s not actually “cooked” and the flavors weren’t mingled yet), but overall it was pretty good. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so fresh in my life!

As far as Studio stuff goes, I’m now working on the shop part of this site. I think I’ll be adding things a category at a time (I have a lot to list), so stay tuned to the blog and the Sleeping Pond Facebook page. And don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list to get extra special deals and discounts!